Hear from NEMOA's President - vision, goals and how you can help


 What are NEMOA’s goals and how can you help?

As the incoming President of NEMOA, National Etailing and Mailing Organization of America, I wanted to enlighten you with my vision and goals. I have to say it was hard for me to develop goals after our enormous success these past two years under Russ Gaitskill’s leadership. He sure set me up to succeed! In March, when Russ passed on the President’s baton to me we just finished our most successful year. Russ’ goals were financial stability and building awareness. Russ and the board achieved both. We ended 2011 with a profit of $45K, after a loss of $92K in 2009 and a loss of $79K in 2010 – WOW! Plus our annual directXchange attendance was up 40%! The world is out – NEMOA is the hottest industry event around and the only one focused on catalogs!


So what’s next??

I’ve had several people ask what I plan to do as the leader of NEMOA to keep it fresh and exciting. So here goes. My overall vision is to make NEMOA Bold, Innovative and Relevant to all who attend. This means Content needs to be fresh, different, and current. That is one reason we chose CREATIVATION, where Creativity and Innovation collide, as our theme for the Fall directXchange event on September 19th and 20th in Mystic, Ct. As we focus on being BOLD, we will continue to support of mission of offering an affordable network to SHARE knowledge, LEARN about industry trends and CONNECT with peers and experts in a non-selling environment.


My number one goal is to drive NEMOA Membership and you can help!

If we get more people to attend our directXchange events, they will find out how fabulous and fun NEMOA events are, and join NEMOA Membership to support the organization. This will keep sponsors happy and the organization financially sound in order to deliver brilliant content each year. For those who like to see numbers – we currently have 198 member companies, up 3% from LY and new members are up 5%. Retention has also increased. We are headed in the right direction but I personally would like to see over 250 member companies.


How can you help?

Tell your LinkedIn pals about NEMOA. Bring an industry friend to each event to experience NEMOA first hand. Recommend membership to non-members. Contact Sue Landay (susan@trainerwarehouse.com) or John Rossiter (john.rossiter@rrd.com), our membership chairs to join NEMOA. Looking forward to seeing you in Mystic, CT September 19th and 20th for our Fall directXchange event! NEMOA has a very cool new digital brochure, complete with video teasers about the event. I would love to hear from you (cindy@nemoa.org) with any ideas you have to drive membership and deliver brilliant content!



Cindy Marshall

NEMOA President